The Unexpected Return of Wrotham Farmers Market

Vegetables at Wrotham Framers Market

The sudden appearance of signs advertising “Wrotham Farmers Market” in June this year came as a surprise to most residents. Wrotham hasn’t had a market for hundreds of years, and while the idea of reviving one has sometimes come up in discussions at village dinner parties or pubs (and elsewhere on this website), it was a topic that was considered as pure fantasy by most of us.

Now that the market has been running for almost 2 months, we all hope it’s here to stay. Whether it does or not is up to us – obviously, the stalls need to make a decent income to make it worth their while, so we would strongly encourage all residents to come and support the market.

The stalls don’t just sell fresh vegetables and fruit, but a wide variety of other local produce, including cheese, meats, bread, as well as handmade chocolates, juices, jams, pastries and pies.

Where is it? – The Rose and Crown Car Park in St Mary’s Road, Wrotham, TN15 7AE
When is it? Held on the 1st and 3rd Friday every month, from 9 to 11 a.m. – the next one is on 21st August

Vegetables at Wrotham Framers Market
Delicious locally grown vegetables are just some of the offerings available at Wrotham Framers Market

For more info on the stalls and their offerings (or how to book a stall), please see the Wrotham section on the website of the Kent Farmers’ Markets Association:

Morris Men at the Christmas Fayre

Morris Men in Wrotham
The Harley Morris Men at the Christmas Fayre in Wrotham on Dec 7, 2013
(photo credit: Lisa Bradley)

The Hartley Morris Men may carry the name of another village several miles to the North, but since 1978 they have been based in Wrotham, taking an active part in village life. Of course, this includes the annual Wrotham Christmas Lights and it was great to see them again this year.

They are currently recruiting new members, so if Morris dancing is something you’d like to try then they’d love to hear from you.

Creating a brighter place to play …

What are those yellow collection boxes for?

Collections boxes for the new play area
Collections boxes for the new play area

Wrotham Park Life

Wrotham Park Life is a group of Mothers, who live in the village and want to replace the play space in the park. Their mission is to get enough money and expertise together to make this happen, so we’d like to encourage everyone to support this cause by dropping some coins in one of those yellow boxes around the village.

The proposed new play area for the park
The proposed new play area for the park

Your Christmas Fayre Needs You!!!

Wrotham Christmas Fayre 2011 3
Wrotham needs new volunteers to help deliver the Wrotham Christmas Fayre this year.

The Christmas Fayre committee needs new volunteers to join the and help deliver the Wrotham Christmas Fayre this year

Due to family and work commitments, the current committee is seriously depleted, and without new volunteers there is serious risk that the fayre cannot go ahead.

Leaflets have been distributed with contact information of how to register interest, so please look out to for those in your letterbox, or at a noticeboard in the village.


Christmas Lights on Wrotham High Street
The Christams Lights on Wrotham High Street can only go ahead if there is enough support from the local community

Wrotham Arts Festival – 11th & 12th May 2013

Every second year for the past 32 years Wrotham has staged a ‘for sale’, exhibition of Fine Art, Sculpture, Ceramics and Craftwork.

Exhibitors come from all over the South East of England and sometimes beyond. The quality of the work is high but the prices are modest, nothing like as high as in provincial galleries.

There is easy parking and no visitor entry fee. Come and enjoy a day out without any obligation to spend. OK we hope we will tempt you to do so! That may be for just a fine postcard, lunch, tea and cake or even a wonderful, original work of art or craft that will give you great pleasure forever.

The paintings, sculpture and ceramics are displayed in the grand St George’s Church dating back to Norman times. The crafts are to be found in St George’s Hall just up the road and there too you will find the incomparable ‘Festival Cafe’ where Diana Knox and her generous volunteers will provide you with a fortifying lunch or just light refreshment in an agreeable ambiance.

All profits from the festival are donated to the upkeep of St George’s Church.

Opening times:

Friday & Saturday: 10-00 to 5-00 Sunday: 11-00 to 5-00

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