Hartley Morris Men

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The Hartley Morris Men were based in the village of their name until 1970 when we moved to Farningham. During 1978 we decided that Wrotham was more central to our activities and the village has been our adopted home ever since. Every Thursday evening from September to April we meet in the Rose & Crown and practice in St George’s hall.

Dancing in Wrotham Square
The Hartley Morris Men dancing in Wrotham Square.
(Photo Credit: Tony Tomlin)

During the summer months the men dance regularly at some of the best pubs in the surrounding area. Every second weekend in June we hold our annual ‘Ale’ in the village which is regularly attended by some 70 or more Morris men from all over the country. On the Friday and Saturday evenings of this event some of the best and most rousing folk singing you are ever likely to hear can be experienced in the Rose & Crown.

Our winter activities in the village are not just confined to practising, as we are pleased to take an active part in the Christmas Light festivities in early December. Later in the month we close the year by dancing at the Rose & Crown at lunch time on Boxing Day.

The Hartley Morris Men are pleased to be a part of Wrotham village life and would welcome new members from the locality to help us maintain this ancient tradition.

Details of our activities can be obtained from the Rose & Crown, our Squire Terry on 01622 871167 or by visiting www.hartleymorrismen.org.uk.