Coldrum Stones

The Coldrum Stones, a.k.a Coldrum Long Barrow, is a neolithic monument that is thought to be the oldest surviving prehistoric site in the UK. Predating Stonehenge by almost 1000 years, it the largest and best preserved of a series of ancient monuments in the Medway valley – and the whole of Kent.

Coldrum Stones
The Coldrum Stones

Coldrum Long Barrow consists of a series of large “Sarsen Stones” (megaliths) arranged around a central east-facing mound, offering fine views of the Medway valley, as well as a “burial chamber” with the remains of 22 people that were unearthed in an excavation of the site in 1910.

Located at the edge of Trottiscliffe village about 2-3 miles east of Wrotham, a visit to the site makes for a pleasant walk or cycle ride. The site is also easy to reach by car, with a dedicated free carpark in Pinesfield Lane, followed by a 5-10 minute walk along fields (not suitable for the disabled).

Other prehistoric sites with megaliths in the area, include Addington Longbarrow, Chestnuts Longbarrow, the Countless Stones, Coffin Stone and “Kit’s Coty House” at Bluebell Hill.

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