St George’s Church

St. George's Church, Wrotham
St. George’s Church, Wrotham
(C) Roger Beaumont 2013

Originally built somewhere between the late Anglo-saxon period to the early Norman era, St George’s Church in Wrotham is recorded in the Doomesday book (1068), and was probably built on the foundations of an even earlier structure.

As an important church belonging to the Archbishop of Canterbury on the main road from London to the ports, it was almost completely rebuilt in the 13th Century, and there are only a few places in which parts of the original 11th Century structure remain.

Among its distinguishing features are its large number of brasses, its clock (one of the oldest working ones in the country) and an unusual archway underneath the bell tower.

For more information about the church, regular services and other activities, please visit the St. George’s Church website